by Edward Givens

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Lyra 03:46
Aquila 04:04
Pleiades 02:32
Crux 03:07
Ursa Major 04:34
Ursa Minor 03:22
Scorpius 03:15
Cassiopeia 03:20
Cetus 03:43
Draco 02:36
Argo Navis 04:22


That which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space.
- Khalil Gibran

For this album, each piece is based on a "musical asterism" - my own subjective impression of a grouping of stars, transcribed as a melodic fragment or motive.
There is nothing scientific about this. Tomorrow night I could look up at the same places in the sky and hear new celestial melodies, but I would be fine with that, because my relationship to the stars is always changing and every night they can sing me a different song.

Once I gather these motives, these fragments of the night sky, I fashion them into my compositions.
Sometimes they form the basis of the entire piece - Beethoven's 5th style - where you hear the same motif repeated in myriad variations up and down the scale.
Other times they form the backdrop for my own melodic musings, or create a nocturnal tableau of sorts, a setting for a story without words.

This what we have done for as long as we have looked up at the night sky. We project our own world onto the glittering shapes we see in the darkness of space, and spin tales of what we heard and saw while our spirits traveled there.

- Edward Givens


released April 4, 2020

Composed and performed by Edward Givens January - March, 2020.


all rights reserved



Edward Givens Oregon

The music of Edward Givens ranges from scintillating polyrhythmic grooves and future primitive invocations to calm minimalist introspection. His style is characterized by sumptuous textures, exotic modes, and a magical lyricism creating vivid sonic landscapes.
Influences include Jade Warrior, Mark Isham, Popol Vuh, Mike Oldfield, Jon Hassell,Tangerine Dream, Debussy and Pink Floyd.
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